There is always motion in schools, one is coming and another is going. School trips are being planned and charter services are ordered. There is just so much to see and experience. Motion is constant. What matters is what causes it. A van can be powered by a diesel guzzling engine, or a smoothly purring electric engine.

But You Have to Get to School Somehow!

Statistically you travel 26 km in a day. 18 km of this you sit in a car, one kilometer you go by bike, and one on foot. There are others sitting in cars too, since over 75% of the travelling emissions by Finns are caused by cars. It’s not possible for everyone to come to school on foot or by bike, but for many it would be. This applies to teachers too! Using muscle energy for commuting is your biggest environmental act after a good lunch choice.

Got Motivation to Change?

Trips and excursions are known to cheer up the school year. Though, vehicle choices are often steered by the trinity of Now, Cheap, and Easy. With a little imagination, anticipation, and planning, the journey could become not only climate friendly, but also more fun. By the way, the word “motivation” comes from the Latin word for moving, “movere”.

Do-It-Yoursef    But-Together

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