For the School Community

What is your school doing to strive for a low-carbon future? Who decides the direction in the driver’s compartment? Is everyone in the school heard? What about the stakeholders?

Use the provided image to explore the Road Map process. It includes know-how badges that the pilot schools can acquire: the current state, roads, and visions – forming together a road map for carbon neutrality. The road maps of the pilot schools will be added to the website during the year 2022. You can find more information on how to continue in the glove compartment, in other words, under the Road Map know-how badges headline.

Road Map Know-How BadgesHow do we show our climate know-how?
School Road MapHow can we create the climate upper secondary school of the future?
Current StateWhat does the carbon footprint of schools consist of?
RoutesHow will schools travel toward climate wisdom?
VisionWhat kind of climate visions do schools have?
Road Map Know-How Badges School Road Map Current State Routes Vision
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DO-IT-YOURSELF-BUT-TOGETHER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Upper Secondary School Edition 2021–2030