Ecological Reconstruction—What Is It?

Briefly put, it is a big workload which will change the entire structure of our society not to be dependent on fossil fuels. This means everything: energy solutions, transportation, buildings, food production, use of forests, healthcare, culture, and so on. Every van and school is also included in this list. All this by the year 2050. Phew!

So Everything Gets Ruined?

There is reason to make readjustments in our worldview, values, and culture so that the journey can continue without friction from 2050 onward as well. Material consumption by Finns needs to be reduced by around 80%. Your first thought may be: “80% bleaker!” After the ecological reconstruction, the point is to live differently—not more dismally.

This Will All Work, Eventually

Schools have a significant role in the readjustment of society. Their job is to instill the knowledge and skills of the future world to the youth. First, it’s good to arrange an annual checkup at our own school. We should hoist the entire institution up and check if the bottom is oily, or if the rocker panels are rusty. And then just repair away.

Do-It-Yoursef    But-Together

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