Road Map Know-How Badges

Is the whole school community in the driver’s compartment striving for a low-carbon direction? What kind of futures are you envisioning, and how can you get there? How to present the climate know-how of your school and build the road map toward a carbon neutral school?

On this page you can find information on the Road Map know-how badges and the schools that have completed them. First, you’ll need to form a workgroup and consider the strengths of your school in climate work and what direction you want to go.

Familiarize yourself with the know-how badges via the links in the images (coming later in English).

The goal is that the school

  • understands the need for change in the functioning and the structures of the school
  • recognizes its role and its own strengths as a part of the climate strategies in its region
  • can assess the changes happening between now and 2030 in school meals, motion, infrastructure, and attitude
  • can name the most important stakeholders and associates on the road to carbon neutrality
  • can plan a vision for 2030 in an inclusive way: the general vision and the emphasis of every segment
  • can communicate about its climate work.

Note! The badges are still unfinished and primarily available in the academic year 2021–2022 only in the pilot upper secondary schools. Contact us if you’re interested, and we’ll see if completing the badges is possible in your school.

How to Proceed?

Instructions for Road Map working in Finnish

1. Form a group
Form a Road Map work group which has members of the school community as inclusively as possible, but at least the principal and a teacher. Design the schedule, participants, and division of work for the meetings.

2. Sign in
Create an account in the “Repair Manual for Schools” environment, agree on the main user of the website and add the basic information of the school you have collected together to the profile. If you’d like, you can create an account in the Open Badge Passport service and get the know-how badge pass for your school to use.

3. Familiarize yourself
Familiarize yourselves with the Open Badge Factory badge applications of each exercise via the badge image links in the beginning of page. Create a schedule for the Vision, Current State, Routes, and Road Map meetings, for example for one school year.

4. Do it
Do the exercises or show your existing know-how pertaining to an exercise in the application in an attached file, for example. Maybe start by having a Timeout conversation together and a workshop for working on the exercises in the application. Agree on possible Timeout facilitators or the arrangements for other workshops. Also arrange time for addressing and summarizing the results of the workshops for filling out the know-how badge application.

5. Apply
When the exercises for the badge application have been done and written down together, fill in the Open Badge Factory application and apply for the know-how badge by sending the badge application for evaluation.

6. Spread the message
Summarize the main points of the know-how badges you earned to your School Road Map profile, so that other schools can learn from your climate work! You can also upload the badge to your homepage or on social media. Reflect on the integration of the badge to other sustainable development work and agree on showing your climate know-how and sharing good practices to others.

What Does the Road Map toward a Carbon Neutral School Badge Entail?

Creating a Road Map consists of four developmental exercises which are done in the Open Badge Factory know-how badge system.

1. Vision
2. Current State
3. Routes
4. Road Map (compiling exercise)

Any Questions?

The badges are only being tested right now, so don’t hesitate to contact us if something is unclear!

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